Not Enough Parking Slots for Aircraft at Terminal

With the tourist traffic on the Ionian islands literally … has taken off in recent years, the seats for the aircrafts at Kefalonia and Zakynthos airports simply … do not arrive!

  • Tour operators and airlines with whom the staff of the Region of the Ionian Islands contacted last week at the ITB International Tourism Fair in Berlin have just pointed out that there is a slots issue, especially at the airports of Kefalonia and Zakynthos.

There is an urgent need to expand the parking areas of the aircraft . For example, for February 2019 , based on data from Fraport manager , Kefalonia Airport showed the highest performance in all 14 regional airports in terms of passenger traffic growth as compared to February 2018 (+52, 7%), while that of Zakynthos rose by 7.8%.

For 2018 Kefalonia Airport increased by 21%, with passenger traffic reaching 762 thousand, and Zakynthos by 8.5% and 1.8 million passengers.

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