Objective Values: Changes the landscape in real estate prices


The government aspires to close the gap between commercial and objective real estate prices, which in some areas of the country exceeds 60%, moving – as of April next – to revaluation.

“The big bet for the financial staff will be that any balancing process does not have an impact on Enfia’s cashbacks and other taxes already paid by real estate owners in the most populous areas,” the Sunday Times quoted the Free Press as saying. Since 2018, when there has been some attempt to “push” the relative prices, the domestic real estate market map has changed drastically. “Airbnb and Golden Visa have eased sales in both Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as in other major cities, with the difference between market and objective values ​​remaining double digits,” they explain.

In support of the data from the E-Real Estates Network, the average asking price of a five-year, 90-110 sqm first floor apartment in Agios Dimitrios is estimated at 2,300 euros / sqm, when its fair value ranges from 900-1,125 euros / sqm. “The government, in order to bring in … equal to the two prices for the sample property in question, will have to increase the latter from 51.09% to 60.87%, depending on the zone price,” he stresses. Sunday’s “ET” head of the network, Mr. Themistocles-Andreas Bakas. It is worth noting that the following characteristics of the property have been taken into account for the calculation of the lower and higher fair value: 1st floor, one facade, commercialization factor 1, ancillary area of ​​0 sq.m. and main spaces of 100 sqm,

Where we will have double-digit growth

Candidates for… double-digit increase in objective values, of course, are other areas of the Basin, with the most typical being Drapetsona (trade prices are higher by 49.71%), Petersburg (46.92%), Kifissia (45.31%) and Daphne (44.05%), while Aegaleo and Ilion share the next position, with a difference of 43.75%.

In Thessaloniki, Sindos is the one that, according to E-Real Estates data, has the largest gap, with the asking price estimated at 900 euros / sq. M. against an objective value of 412-487 euros / sqm, followed by Lagadas, with a difference of approximately 34.55%.

For the rest of Greece, the largest difference between commercial and objective prices is recorded in Rethymno Crete, with sales averaging 1,950 euros / sqm when the taxpayer price is taken into account. value ranges between 680-1.040 euros / sqm. (46.67%). Argos follows, with an average asking price of 1,150 euros / sqm. and objective at 487-825 euros / sq.m, while Lamia, Corinth and Kalamata are the top five, with differences of around 26.15%, 25.33% and 25.03% respectively.

What will come under the microscope

Distortions that want a villa in Mykonos to be taxed as much as an apartment in Athens have decided to ‘topple’ the government, putting some 3,500 areas in the country into an objective system. According to competent sources, these are the majority of islands (Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu) that attract the … eyes of investors and, therefore, also record increased sales and several settlements, both in and outside Attica, such as Chalkida, Spring, Marathon, Vari, Koropi and Keratea. “In these areas real estate values ​​are even 1/3 of their market value. As a result, the prices currently taken into account by the tax office for determining taxable value are extremely low. ‘

To support, as evidenced by relevant figures from E-Real Estates, a villa of 220 sq.m. in Psarou, Mykonos, it is being sold for three million euros, with an objective price not exceeding 150,000 euros, because the district in question is out of the system, while the differences between objective and market values ​​in Kefalonia are just as chaotic. The sale of a 350 sqm detached house, built in 2011, in Lixouri also amounts to three million euros, when the objective and therefore the taxes that accompany this property are set at several thousand euros. This is because the area – like the whole island, with the exception of Argostoli – has no zone rates.

source -newsit.gr

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