October 28 Parades: Normally all students and the military lasting 60 minutes

It took an announcement from the Ministry of Interior to put an end to the incredible confusion that prevailed for a few hours regarding the parades for October 28 . Despite the “voices” of the experts not to hold the parades the government insists that they will be held normally but with measures. 

Both the student parades and the military parades in Thessaloniki for the 28th of October will take place normally but will last only one hour. This was announced by the Ministry of Interior. 

That is: the student parades will take place in all cities normally and the student parades in Thessaloniki will traditionally take place on October 27th. 

The military parade of October 28 in Thessaloniki will take place only with military units. 

The whole announcement of the Ministry of Interior about the parades

Regarding the holding of parades and events to celebrate the national anniversary of October 28, 1940 and because there are non-existent rumors about the non-conduct of student parades it is pointed out that the provisions of the relevant circular issued by the Ministry of Interior continue to apply October 13, 2021.

Therefore student parades everywhere will take place normally. It is clarified that the student parade of Thessaloniki traditionally takes place on October 27 and will also take place normally. Only military units will parade in the military parade of Thessaloniki. All parades will have a maximum duration of 60 minutes.

It is noted that, due to the measures taken to address the risk of spreading the coronavirus COVID-19, the festivities will be held in accordance with applicable health regulations for public health reasons.

What preceded

An incredible confusion created by an announcement of the Region of Central Macedonia regarding the parades of October 28 in Thessaloniki. The Region referred to the Ministry of Interior.

The announcement stated the following:

“It is announced that with a decision of the Government and specifically with a document of the Ministry of Interior, announced today, it is pointed out that:” it is necessary due to the current health conditions in Thessaloniki, to hold only a military parade, which does not exceed 60 minutes ” .

This announcement caused confusion as the effortless conclusion that there will be no student parades.

A little while later, circles of the Ministry of Interior announced that the student parades of October 28 will take place normally, denying that only parts of the Armed Forces will parade in Thessaloniki.

To this end, they referred to the relevant circular of the ministry, issued on October 13, which provides that in the capital will parade representative sections of pupils, students, scouts, drivers, war invalids, departments of the Armed Forces, Hellenic Police, Fire Brigade.

The same circular states that due to a pandemic the parade should last strictly one hour.

They also stressed that a clarifying press release will be issued within the day.

Source – newsit.gr

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