October 28: Student parades with changes in Athens and Thessaloniki

Instructions for the celebration of October 28, 1940 , were given by the Ministry of Interior for the celebration of the above anniversaries, in the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki.
In the other cities the program will be prepared by the municipal authorities. As the Ministry of Interior points out, “especially in the current context, this celebration must be given substantial content regarding the strengthening of the historical memory of the values ​​of freedom, national independence, resistance to Nazi and fascist totalitarianism.”

According to the circular, the program of events for Athens and Thessaloniki is as follows:


The following specific events will also take place:

a. On October 27, 2021. Wreaths were laid at the monument of the Unknown Soldier by the Central Committee of the Northern Epirus Struggle, the National General Confederation of Disabled and Victims of the Greek War, reserve organizations, representatives of the Greek Scout Corps, On behalf of the National Resistance a wreath will be laid by representatives of all the recognized resistance organizations based in the prefecture.

b. On October 28, 2021.  Performance of official doxology. Wreaths were laid at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier by a representative of the Government, the Minister of Education & Religions by representatives of the Greek Parliament, political parties and the Armed Forces, the Attica Regional Governor, the Mayor of Athens and Apo Syntonikos.

Parade of representative sections of primary and secondary education students as well as higher education students, scouts and guides before the Minister of Education & Religions , representatives of the National General Confederation of Disabled and War Victims of Greece. The maximum duration of the parade is set at 60 minutes. It is noted that there will be no parade of the Armed Forces .


The following events will take place:

On October 25, 2021

General flag decoration and lighting of all the stores of the public, of the Local Authorities, as well as of the stores of the N.P.D.D. and the Banks, as defined in our decision number 73884 / 11.10.2021. Pilgrimage of the Holy Icon of the patron saint of the city of Agios Dimitrios.

On October 26, 2021

An official doxology service at the Holy Temple of the city’s patron saint, Agios Dimitrios. c. On October 27, 2021 Student parade in the presence of members of the Government and other authorities.

On October 28, 2021

Laying a wreath at the Hero of the DG Army Corps by His Excellency the President of the Republic. Parade of representative sections of pupils and students, scouts, drivers, war invalids, sections of the Armed Forces, Greek Police, Fire Brigade, etc. The whole program can be enriched with other events or adapted to the program of the Presidency of the Republic . It is pointed out that, due to the measures taken to address the risk of the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus , the festivities will be held in accordance with applicable health regulations for public health reasons.

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