October 28th Celebration Program in Argostoli – Vallianou Square the parade

The Celebration of 28 th October 1940 begins the eighth morning of the 25 th and ends with the sunset on the 28 th October 2019.


Celebrations and lectures in schools, public services and public law. Tribute paid by pupils, students, at the Heroes’ Monument in Napier Garden. 

“SUNDAY 27 the October 2019″

The Lyceum of Greek Women, Annex Argostoli making event dedicated to the anniversary of 28 th October 1940 in Korgialenio Library hours: 7: 00 pm

“MONDAY 28 the October 2019″

A Spokesman for the Government will attend the celebrations.

7:30 am: The bells of all the Churches of Argostoli will ring.

8:00 am: Capture the Flag.

 Time attendance 10:15 am .: Official Doxology to the Holy Metropolitan Church of  Annunciation, officiated by His Eminence Metropolitan of Cephalonia Mr. Demetriou .

Mrs. Angeliki Giannopoulou, Philologist-Treasurer of the Board of Directors will speak at the celebration of the Day. of the Association of Philologists of Kefallinia and Ithaca.         

11:30 am: Memorial service and wreath laying at the Heroes’ Monument in Napier Gardens by the Political and Military Authorities, representatives of all branches of recognized Resistance Organizations, Political Parties and agencies of the Prefecture.

12:00 pm: Parade of resistance organizations, students, students of the Municipality of Kefalonia, scouts, the Greek High School of Argostoli and other institutions, in front of the public with the participation of the Argostoli Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra, »In the central square of the city.

This will be followed by the standard reception in the Boardroom.

The authorities and all the citizens of our Island are kindly requested to attend the festivities.

The ceremonies of the rites are kindly requested by the Holy Metropolis of Kefalonia, the order of the Kefalonia Police Directorate and Mr. Limenarchis Argostoli’s port.

The general preacher of the parade will have a physics teacher, Mr. Gerasimos Polatos.

The official of the Kefalonia Regional Unit is Mr. Samolis Evangelia. Interested parties can apply for wreath submission on 26713 60530 – 531 by Thursday 24 October 2019.




Some background information to the meaning of this day;

October 28th is a national holiday in Greece. It is the day that commemorates the rejection by Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas of the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on October 28, 1940. This day is known by Greeks around the world as ‘Oxi Day’ (No Day).
What Happened On This Day In History
It is said that at 3:00am on October 28, 1940, an ultimatum was handed to Ioannis Metaxas at his home in Kifissia by the Italian Ambassador of Athens, Emanuele Grazzi. The ultimatum required the free passage of the Italian army through the Greek-Albanian border and thus began the occupation of some strategic areas of Greece.
After reading the letter, Metaxas turned to the Italian Ambassador and replied in French (which was the official diplomatic language at the time) with the historic phrase: ‘Alors, c’est la guerre’ (Well, this means war), thereby stating his negative position toward the Italian demands.
Grazzi in his memoirs, released in 1945, described the scene as, ‘I have been ordered Mr. Prime Minister by you and I gave him the letter. I watched the emotion in his hands and in his eyes. With a firm voice and looking at me in the eyes, Metaxas told me, ‘This means war!’ I replied that this could be avoided. He replied NO. I added that if the General Papagos… Metaxas interrupted me and said NO! I gave a deep bow, leaving with the deeper respect, this elder, who preferred to be sacrificed instead of enslaved.’
At the time, Metaxas expressed Greek popular sentiment, which was the denial of allegiance. This refusal was passed through to the Greek press with the word ‘Oxi’ (No). The word ‘Oxi’ was first presented as a title in the main article of the newspaper ‘Greek Future’ of N. P. Efstratios on October 30, 1940.
Traditions & Practical Information About This Day In Greece
On this day in Greece, most public buildings and residences are decorated with Greek flags. You will see parades and other festivities throughout the country. It is a national holiday, which means that everything is closed, with the exception of cafes and food venues.
The October 28th holiday is also celebrated by many Greek communities around the world; parades and festivities are observed internationally including major cities in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Source – xpatathens.com

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