Odyssey center Project in Ithaca get funding for detailed study to go ahead

The first step for Ithaca to acquire a modern Digital Odyssey Center marks the approval of the program contract between the Ionian Islands Region, the Municipality of Ithaca and the Local Government Development Organization EYDIMOS SA. to the elaboration of the study of the restoration project of the Justice of the Peace building for its operation as an “Odyssey Center of the Municipality of Ithaca”.

Following the sanction of the study , the implementation and operation of the “Odyssey Center” will take place, which will be the focus of promoting the cultural heritage of the island and a preeminent means of promoting the imprint of the mythical and dreamy place name of Ithaca .

The visitor through 3D illustrations will be able to feel that the Odyssey is evolving before his eyes and to experience an unforgettable experience commensurate with the greatness of Odysseus and Ithaca. The modern tourism industry is now based on destinations that enable experience.

” Ithaca will hold a position that it rightfully deserves and will be able to enter the map of destinations that offer unforgettable experiences,” says the Regional Authority unanimously.

” Both the cost of the study EUR 60.000 Euro which is included in the Annual Year Action Plan 2021, and the financing of digital equipment for the operation of Odyssean Center will be covered by the Region of Ionian Islands in the party management framework of the relevant credit , derived from “The expiration of the guarantees of the discounted contract” Limassas Pissaetou “, while other actions for the promotion of Ithaca will follow “, states the Ionian Islands Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou .

EYDIMO SA, the organization that undertook this special study, will study the energy situation and upgrade the infrastructure, the modernization works and the possibility of installing in the building of the former Magistrates Court equipment for the display of digital content and digital exhibits (eg table multi-touch, multi-touch screens, virtual reality equipment, Virtual Reality masks, hologram display case etc).

For the reconstruction of the building that will house the “Odyssey Center”, the Municipality of Ithaca intends to submit a request for funding, by submitting a technical report to the open invitation of the program “Antonis Tritsis” of the Ministry of Interior and specifically in axis A regarding the reuse of inactive buildings located within the settlement.

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