Official: Everything changes in the vaccination and disease certificates – At 9 and 6 months, respectively, their validity

The changes in the vaccination and disease certificates announced by the Ministry of Health came into force.

It is recalled that a few days ago the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris had stated that Greece would have a stricter framework than other European countries and that it would harmonize with the instructions of the Commission. This would mean that the validity of the vaccination certificate would be extended to 9 months and the disease certificate to 6 months . To date, the vaccination certificate has been valid for 7 months and the disease certificate for three months.

Vaccination and disease certificates: What the new JMC says
The new JMC (Δ1α / ΓΠ.οικ.18959 / 02.04.2022 (Government Gazette Β 1547) includes all the measures that will be valid until April 11. Among other things, however, the JMC announces the new framework for vaccination and disease certificates .

Initially, the JMC for measures and certificates states that fully vaccinated are considered:

a) those who have completed at least fourteen (14) days of vaccination for COVID-19 coronavirus and present a vaccination certificate with simultaneous identification of the holder and b) those who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 coronavirus with the first dose of two (2 ) then get COVID-19 coronavirus and show a certificate of full recovery and vaccination with simultaneous identification of the holder.

For the vaccination certificates in the JMC it is mentioned:

“Those adults who have been vaccinated and have passed at least nine (9) months after the second dose or, in the case of single-dose vaccines, from the single dose, are considered fully vaccinated if they have received the booster dose.”

At 6 months the validity of the disease certificate
With regard to disease certificates, the JMC is reminded that the following are issued:

a) after laboratory testing by PCR for coronavirus COVID-19, within fourteen (14) days after the first positive test;

b) especially for the fully vaccinated, in accordance with the provisions of par. 2, and after a positive control using the rapid detection of coronavirus antigen COVID-19 (rapid test).

The key point of the JMC for the disease certificates states that now “the validity of the disease certificate lasts up to one hundred and eighty (180) days after the above single or first positive test”.

The first positive test is performed by a) a public authority in accordance with the relevant legislation or b) reference laboratories in public or private and includes the name of the person, as indicated on the identity card or passport. For unvaccinated individuals, if a repeat laboratory test is performed by the PCR method after one hundred and eighty (180) days of validity of the disease certificate plus one (1) day and it is positive, no re-issuance of the disease certificate is observed, however, the required public health protection measures. Regarding vaccinated individuals,

The full coverage-recovery and vaccination certificate mentioned above, is also valid for 180 days, ie 6 months.

These certificates are displayed either printed by the digital platform or electronically through the mobile device of the individual or through the special application of article 182 of law 4876/2021.

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