Official guests of the 31st Kefalonia Gym Festival “Anna Pollatou” 2019 are World Champions Stamatia Raftopoulou and Kieran Whittle


31st KEFALONIA GYM FESTIVAL “ANNA POLLATOU” 2019 DATES: 27 / 6-30 / 6/2019
We are delighted to announce that 31st Kefalonia Gym Festival’s “Anna Pollatou” 2019 official guests are Stamatia Raftopoulou and Kieran Whittle, World Champion of Acrobatic Gymnastics from Great Britain. The athletes will accompanied to Kefalonia by their coach, Nathan Louis Leworthy and the choreographer, Ellen Stafford Watson of the Southampton Gymnastic Club. Sixteen-year-old Stamatia (Toula), with roots from Kefalonia, since her dad is Kefalonitis, has managed to stand out in the UK Championships and be selected by the federal coaches, as a member of the National Team, at the Pan-European and World Championships. In 2017, at the Pan-European Youth, she won the bronze medal at the Women’s Pair, and the following year at the World Championship of Acrobatic, held in Poland, won the silver medal in the same category. 

This year, he participated in the World Cup of Acrobatic held in Belgium, and a few days ago he was invited by the National Team’s National Coach to join with Kieran, as a mixed pair, in the selection test to be held in July for the Pan-European Acrobatic Championship of Israel .

Kieran, an athlete and coach at the Southampton Gymnastic Club, in 2014, was crowned a bronze World Champion in the Men’s Couple as well as the Mixed Couple. 

The athletes will be honored by the Organizing Committee at the Festival’s Main Event, which will be held on Sunday 30/6/2019 at the Argostoli Indoor Gym and will present one of their high-level programs. 

From the Organizing Committee

Press release above for guest athletes attending this years event including a British guy who would love some cheering on so why not come along.


The main event of Kefalonia Gym Festival “Anna Pollatou” takes place at the Close Gymnasium of Argostoli  “Antonis Tritsis” next to the sea lake of Koutavos.  The event starts at 18.30 with the participatns of all the athletic groups. The show is always spectacular and the gym is always packed!

On the performance area there are two mattresses, one for artistic gymnastics and one for rhythmic gymnastics in order to cover the need of all athletic groups.

At the end of the presentation of all the athletics groups, all participants, trainers and all who are involved with the Festival gather at the presentation area of the stadium and dance the flash mob of the Festival. There all the performance groups will receive their diplomas.


THEURSDAY 27/06 19:30  Welcome speech and briefing at Argostoli Municipal theatre «KEFALOS»
    20:30 Groups Parade from Kampana Square to the main square of Argostoli
    21:30 Opening Ceremony at Main Argostoli’s Square
FRIDAY 28/6 09:00-12:00 Training at Lixouri’s Square (optional)
    20:00  1st Event at main Lixouri’s square 
SATURDAY 29/06 09:00-12:00 Training at closed stadium of Argostoli «Antonis Tritsis» (optional)
    20:00 2nd Event at  Fragata’s square-Agios Gerasimos area
SUNDAY 30/06  18:00 Main Event at «Antonis Tritsis» closed stadium, at Argostoli
MONDAY 01/07    Groups Departure

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