Official new roadmap for relaxing restriction measures including music, traffic ban, trade fairs and weddings

The measures for the coronavirus which are lifted from Saturday June 12 announced the Civil Protection undersecretary Nikos Charadalias.

It is noted that the committee of experts gave the “green light” to the government to proceed with a new lifting of the measures for the coronavirus, such as the extension of the schedule, the music in the restaurant and the increase of the guests at the receptions.

Specifically announced:

  • From 14/06, the practical, laboratory and clinical exercises of all students, all semesters as well as the lifelong learning centers of the universities resume.
  • From 12/06 the traffic ban is extended by one hour (ie from 01:30 to 05.00 in the morning).
  • From 01/07 and always on the condition that the epidemiological data allow it, the traffic ban is stopped completely.
  • From 12/06 music will be allowed only in outdoor dining areas where only seated customers are accommodated. In case of circumvention of the measure, the fine will be 5,000 euros for the first violation and suspension of operation for 15 days in any second violation.
  • From 12/06, the catering businesses open in ventilated galleries and only for those that have two free passages to ensure different entry and exit as well as natural ventilation.
  • From 12/06 at 06.00 in the morning the percentage of occupancy in listening – spectacle activities increases from 50% to 75% when the theater has a capacity of up to 1,000 seats, to 70% to 5,000 seats, to 65% when it has a capacity of up to 15,000 seats and if is more than 15,000 seats, the maximum number is finalized steadily at 10,000 people. In any case with a mandatory mask for everyone.
  • In mobile telephony stores, the simultaneous presence of four customers is allowed in stores with an area of ​​up to 100 square meters.
  • From 01/07 the limit for catering services is increased to 300 people from 100 at the moment.
  • As for the trade fairs, it was decided to resume them only in the Regional Units where the percentage of fully vaccinated will exceed 50%. The relevant health protocol will be announced in the coming days.

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