Old Sissia Monastery sanctification before refurbishment works commence (video & pictures)

Today I am very happy and very moved because with Father Gerasimos we made the preparation to take place the sanctification by the Honourable Metropolitan of Kefallinia Kk Dimitrios and the Singer of the Holy Monastery Fotio Gavrielato in the old Holy Monastery of Sission where the restoration works will begin !!!!

May the Virgin Mary grant health, a lot of strength to see again the old Monastery of Sissia being restored and decent as it deserves because she offered as a Holy Monastery which means a lot to the place and to the inhabitants and it will be a project of great importance to us Kefalonites and it will contribute in turn to tourism and local society because it is an Excellent architecture …


Source – FB post Σταύρου Ζαπάντη/inkefalonia.gr

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