Omicron Mutation: Greek-American comedian shows how difficult her pronunciation is for non-Greeks [video]

The Omicron mutation of the new coronavirus has caused worldwide concern.

But at a time when the world community is eagerly awaiting new information about its contagion, the symptoms it causes, and the effects it will have on patients’ health and the course of the pandemic, the new mutation causes many non-Greek-speaking people, and an additional stress. That of pronunciation.

Indicative, after all, is the fact that the New York Times devoted an entire article to how the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet is pronounced. “Among the many unknowns about the new variant of the coronavirus called Omicron, which took its name from the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet, one has stood out in many English speakers: How is it pronounced?”, The article writes characteristically and notes that according to experts, there is no pronunciation to which they have agreed.

The issue that has been created with the difficulty of pronouncing the word Omicron, was commented with a lot of humor by the Greek-American comedian who lives and works in Brooklyn, Gus Konstantinellis. “This is how every Greek feels at the moment,” writes Konstantelis in a video caption posted on Twitter, which presents different ways in which non-Greek speakers pronounce the word Omicron.

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