On 7 July the National Elections – Not 30 June


On 7 July and not on 30 June, the early national elections will eventually take place.

This is the date chosen according to information to complete the Pan-Hellenic 2019 (ending July 2) and no parents and 17-year-olds with the right to vote.

Alexis Tsipras has had successive meetings with his close associates in the morning to assess the new situation for the government and the SYRIZA party after the overwhelming defeat in the European elections and regional and municipal elections. 
Heavy the climate in Maximus

The climate was heavy at the Maximos Mansion and the diffuse reflection. The fact that none of the Prime Minister’s close associates had predicted the magnitude of the defeat has led to confusion and not to the causes of the crash. 
Tsipras: “How could I govern?”

Alexis Tsipras has today clarified in all the discussions he had in Maximus that he decided to resort to early polls, as he could not manage politically until October the difference of 9.5 points.


“How could I govern, with the opposition shouting that I do not have the people’s mandate and that the only thing I care about is not to lose my chair,” the prime minister said, referring to a top minister who claimed the polls had to be set in October. 
Suggestions for “squandering” the communications staff

Meanwhile, Mr. Tsipras accepts suggestions for a change of communication staff. This is because there are several voices inside SYRIZA who believe that the group that handled communication during the European elections has made tragic mistakes and is largely responsible for the overwhelming defeat. Some even talk about communicative witchcraft, which cost the personal image of Tsipra. So far, the prime minister has not decided whether to make changes to the communications team, but the message he sent today to the press office is that any mistake that will be made from now on will be fatal for SYRIZA’s image.

The Prime Minister’s closest associates do not, however, conceal their concern about the climate that has been shaped for SYRIZA and all they hope is to be able to reduce the gap in national elections. From their vocabulary the words “victory”, “little difference” or “derby” disappear. In the best of cases, SYRIZA may be up to 25% to 27%. But this is a difficult bet, as Koumoundouros officials say, the party has lost its momentum even in popular areas, while a portion of serious bourgeoisie who had voted it in previous electoral games has now reverted to New Democracy. 
The blow with the cramped holidays Tsipra and Polakis

At the same time there are executives who consider that a serious blow to the party has resulted in the vote of confidence after the motion of censure against Paul Polakis and the photographs of Alexis Tsipras on the boat of Mrs. Panagopoulou.

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