On Monday, August 12 the event-tribute to the earthquakes of 1953, by the Korgialenio Historical and Folklore Museum of Argostoli


The Korgialenio Historical and Folklore Museum of Argostoli is organizing an event dedicated to the earthquakes of 1953. The event will take place at Korgialenio Library on August 12, 2019 at 8:00 pm. They will speak: Gifts of Markatou, Theotokoula Moulinou and Elias Toumasatou.

Our goal is to present the Museum’s new acquisitions over the years (2016-2019).Emphasis will be placed on photographic and archive material relating to the 1953 earthquakes.

A collection of photos delivered by the American Ralph Quinn , who served on a US Navy fleet seeking help.

The signals sent daily by another US soldier from Ithaca, the Richard Neil Pakeman radio, refer to the situation in Ithaca and Kefalonia after the earthquakes. His daughter, SaraBowden , delivered it .

Reports compiled by an English physician as a spokesman for the Society for Earthquake Relief in the islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaca in December 1953 concerning food, housing, care and education. Our archive was delivered by Valerie Hughes English .

All the above photographic and archival material presents the situation in our islands immediately after the disaster and by the end of the year. It is interesting, among other things, that this reflects the impact of the disaster on strangers and their contribution to trying to restore normal living in the everyday lives of the inhabitants. In their texts, realistic descriptions and factual elements are enriched with lyrical descriptions of the beauty of nature and the expression of their impressions and feelings. It is worth noting that the holders of the related material traveled from America and England to Argostoli, “the beloved, tragic city”, especially to deliver us,

During the event there will be a bazaar of old publications of the Corgialen Foundation and books that their authors or publishers have offered to the Museum.

The schedule of the event will be announced shortly.

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