On Monday, May 4 or 11 the recovery plan will commence with the gradual lifting of bans


When asked when the measures will be relaxed, the government will formally respond in the middle of next week as it has the first picture of a return to normalcy.

What all the Greeks are eagerly awaiting and with many sacrifices, that is, the relaxation of the strict restrictions on movement, will be announced in the coming days.

The milestone dates have already been planned a few days ago and are Monday May 4th or 11th .

From that day on, the large restrictive part of the infamous sms in 13033 is effectively abolished.

In the first phase, the Greeks will be able to leave their homes without having to give … an account of where they will go, since from that day the operation of the small shops will start.

This is the suggestion that exists today in the Prime Minister’s Office after the last, big week, discussions with the competent ones, that is, scientists and ministers.

Thus, from that date almost the entire retail will operate again, ie the stores with the small and medium volume of the surface.

In particular, it should be noted that in parallel with the gradual opening, the control for overcrowding will be maintained and tightened, as from then on, each shopkeeper will be responsible.

That is, there will be a fine if there are many more in a small store instead of the people who are expected to be inside. Keeping your distance and avoiding, at least a large crowd, will be prohibited throughout the relaxation of the measures.


There has been a lot of talk about hairdressers and other stores that are expected to be crowded due to the nature of their services. It was estimated that nothing more is needed than to keep the appointments and avoid overcrowding in these areas beyond the prescribed number of people they should have.


For the schools, there is a special plan on the table which is expected to be finalized next week.

According to this, primary schools, which have children up to 12 years old in the period between 11 and 18 May, can operate first, with the first option being the most stable today.

In the next ten days after elementary school and of course always under the supervision of the epidemiological curve, high schools are expected to continue.

For the Lyceums, there may be special care and only the 3rd Lyceum may return to the desks due to exams, perhaps together with the primary schools.

Also on the table is the extension of the school year to cover lost time as well as the opening of schools earlier in the fall.

Hotels – Accommodation

The decision is to open the year around hotels from June 15 to July 15 for the seasonal hotels the decision will not be easy.

An agreement must be reached within the EU on how flights will be operated from now on, which is of course the determining factor, as this is how tourists come.

Cafes – bars

It will be the last stores to open. There are two scenarios.

The first to open those that have outdoor spaces, in the period 11 – 18 May by reducing their tables and keeping the distance of 1 meter, and the second to open in June.

Everything will be judged by next week’s meetings

Move outside the prefecture

The movement outside the prefecture of the main residence will not take place from the beginning. This ban will be in effect until at least May 11, when the situation will be re-examined.

However, it is pointed out and the citizens should pay special attention to this, that there will be different measures for each prefecture depending on its “epidemiological behavior” in the crown crisis.

That is, for example, the measures for Kastoria will not be the same as in other areas. Areas that have had little or no damage should also be protected

source – dikaiologitika.gr

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