On Monday the second super moon of 2020, also known as … “full moon of worms”


There will be another full moon on Monday, as its elliptical orbit will bring the moon closer to Earth. It is the second full moon of 2020 out of the four that will be available this year. The next one will happen on April 8th.

The near full moon will take place at 19:48 in Greece on March 9th and will make the Moon look bigger and brighter than usual.

The full moon of March was known to the American Indians as the “worm full moon” because at this time the soil softens from the rain and the worms begin to surface.

The Moon follows an elliptical orbit and its distance from our planet is not constant. The average Earth-Moon distance is about 384,400 kilometers, but it increases by about 5% at the peak and decreases by 5% at the perimeter. The term Super-Moon or Super-Moon is not scientific, but rather coined by astrologers.

source- protothema.gr

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