One of The most dangerous ports in the country…Poros Kefalonia

What are the other ports that emit SOS after Samothrace?

So, since February 2019 the then Secretary General of Ports pointed out the serious problems that exist in the port of Samothraki and that they will immediately undertake improvement works, in the end according to a report by the Free Press, this is not the only port. which presents serious problems that require immediate resolution.

Although port policies in the country are considered to be one of the most time-consuming, so far they have not progressed either to the port of Kamariotissa in Samothraki or to the 92 ports that the Panhellenic Union of Merchant Marine Masters has studied in the past. with the main addressee being the Ministry of Shipping.

What the General Secretariat for the Port of Samothrace says:

“The problems listed in PEEN’s letter have already been taken into account, in their entirety, by the Port Development Planning Study (PEAL) team, in order to prioritize the necessary future development projects of the port of Kamariotissa and their timing, in order to improve its infrastructure and functionality.

A number of supportive studies (wave, coastal, navigational study, EIA, hydrological, etc.) have been carried out within the framework of the CESP, which are required for the proper design of the proposed interventions, which will allow, inter alia, safe access and docking. bigger ships.

The planning of the port land area has also been studied in such a way as to completely separate the various uses of the port and it is proposed to lay down building blocks, building conditions and land uses, which however (after ESAAL approval) must be approved by PD, according to paragraph 1 of Art.140 of Law 4504/17 (Government Gazette 184-201 / 29-11-2017), in order to allow any building intervention in the port land area.

The Port Development Plan for Kamariotissa will be introduced for discussion in ESA soon afterwards »

On the other hand, according to the PEEN study, the port of Samothrace is in urgent need of “deepening the basin” while calling it “a dangerous port for large ship approaches”, which was also confirmed last week.

This situation is recorded in most ports in the country

In 77 islands, PEEN, through its study of Greek masters approaching these islands daily, has noted a plethora of construction errors and 92 ports that pose serious problems for navigation, passengers and boats themselves, even on ships. new built ports like Tinos and Mykonos.

The 10 ports that emit SOS

Folegandros : “Probably the most dangerous port in the country. It is necessary to lighten the polysulfides of POLYO – XERES – TWO BROTHER and AK.LATIN makes the entry and exit of ships dangerous. Pier Extension to A. Bumpers, Shades, WC

Thirassia : “Large ships are dangerous to approach due to their inability to anchor because of their high depth. Pier Extension to B »

Santorini : “Because this area (Athens) cannot be a port due to its high depth, it is necessary to transport the port to another area”

Anafi: “It needs immediate education. Approaching and securely fastening the ship is extremely dangerous and dangerous. The pier is not protected in external ripples »

Syros:  “In many parts of the harbor, the depth has been reduced, making it difficult to handle large draft vessels. No docking position available for safe ship stay when bad weather prevails »

Kea: «Extension of pier to N and N. Port direction. Jetty signage. Place buffers.Extend jetty by 30 m at least »

Andros (Gavrio) : “All the basin is required for dredging. Due to the limited draft and the muddy bottom there are problems with the suction of the ships during operations. ”

Alonissos: “Dangerous embankment on the outer pier due to proximity to the jetty rocks”

Thasos (Prinos) : “Changing the placement of new bricks in the already damaged ones. Requires immediate dredging – extremely dangerous approach and safe attachment of ships outside the NO2 position »

Kefalonia (Poros) : “It does not provide ships with safety in weather conditions. It is completely unprotected and exposed most of the time. “

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