Ongoing work at Vathi Museum in Ithaca

Today in our Ithaca, where the works to upgrade the island’s Museums are evolving.
At the Museum of Vathi, the building upgrade is progressing rapidly. But beyond that, scientific interest focuses on the immediately next phase, the upgrade of the displays.
The unique findings / exhibits from the Eagle, holding a prominent place in the Early Iron Age literature and the ′′ Greek ′′ Years Renaissance “, it’s time for the general public to know on the basis of the latest findings of the investigation.
The island, in both Prehistory and recent history, especially at the beginning of Historical Years, presents a special internal dynamic result of its key geographical position, but also of joining wider communication and exchange networks.
Today, we celebrate International Museum Day. In Kefalonia and Ithaca, the Ministry of Ministry of Antiquities makes an intensive and coordinated effort to create the future: New museums in Kefalonia, upgrading museum infrastructure in Ithaca.
Extension is already planned for Vathi museum

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