€ 6,740,000 for projects of the Ionian Islands region under the Interreg Greece – Italy program

The 6 The meeting of the Monitoring Committee of Cross-Border Cooperation ProgramInterreg V  A Greece  Italy 2014-2020, held on 26 and 27 February in Ioannina, on the implementation of approved programs and discussion on the submitted programs to the latest targeted invitations.

The Region of the Ionian Islands participated and was represented by the Deputy Chief of Sector of Primary and Extraversion Giannis Fontana.

The projects approved per theme and concern the Region of the Ionian Islands are:

  1. The upgrading of the infrastructure of the Tourist Port of Nidri (€ 3,000,000)
  1. The construction of open-air theater in Kefalonia (€ 2,600,000)
  1. Establishment of the Ionian Islands Region Social Bank (€ 300,000)
  1. Promoting creative entrepreneurship with a focus on music and the arts of representation (€ 700,000)
  1. The creation and recording of the Ionian Islands trails (140,000 euros)

See previous post for more information on potential theatre


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