Opening of shops: After the click away comes the click in shop – Shopping by appointment, how it will work

According to the data so far, the opening of the retail trade will take place gradually and probably not before January 15, while even when the absolute ban is lifted, another hybrid form of operation of the commercial stores will be implemented.

Click in the shop!

According to the main bulletin of Open, the Ministry of Development is working on a new way of shopping to facilitate consumers, provided that the epidemiological data allow it. The name of this “click in the shop”, and it will come to complete the ” click away “.

With the click in shop, consumers will be able to go to the stores by appointment and try the products. What they process is whether one customer will be served in the store or whether there will be simultaneous customer service, the number of which will be determined based on the square footage of the store.

The winter discount period opens on January 11, which is probably before the click in shop system is even implemented . All the surveys of the last years by ESEE, have shown that more than half of the traders point out as the most efficient the period of discounts until the end of January and this intensifies the anxiety of the approximately 235 thousand professionals in the industry but of 350 thousand traders, for the turnover of this period.

In February the debate on opening the restaurant

However, it seems that the opening of the restaurant will come much later, as according to information from iefimerida, the discussion will take place at the beginning of February.

On the whole, the scientists appear negative in the opening of the restaurant at least immediately after the holidays and before they manage to capture the possible effects at the level of cases, which will be seen 14 days after the celebration of the New Year.

“The focus should be on us after January 20,” said another committee member, commenting: “And then again, timidly, maybe with two people at the table.”

A key criterion for opening the restaurant will be the decline in the number of ICU patients, which, according to experts, is a key factor in lifting the measures.

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