Operation of the Ionian islands regions

On the basis of measures not to spread the coronavirus

In the context of government commands and the national effort not to spread the coronavirus (Covid-19), the services of the ionian islands region, both of the headquarters and the regional units, will implement a special operating regime, based on legislative content .
The aim is to protect the staff of services and the entire society against the transmissibility of the Ebola-19. Virus.

After relevant meetings, it was decided that from Monday 16/3/2020 the services of the region (headquarters and regional units) will operate under special status until further notice.

That is:
* services will be closed to the public, while phone numbers and special e-mails are posted on the site and social media of the region for communication and service of citizens, suppliers etc. The same will apply to the managing authority, the regional fund Development and development planning service.

* exception will be able to accept an audience for immediate loose ends with the exact application of the EU’s instructions. O, d. Y., Monday 16/03/2020 and from 10.00 am to 13.00 pm.

* services will operate with security staff. Two people per management, one head or manager and one employee with the necessary partnerships between services.

* staff leave will be given, after the instructions of the act of legislative content have been observed.

* Civil Protection and health addresses will operate on a 24-hour basis until further notice.

* the services of municipalities, decentralised administration and the ministry of finance have already been informed of the need to coordinate the necessary measures.

On A 24-hour alert will be the regional governor, the village presidents, the appointed consultants and the executive secretary.

With the aim of supporting fellow citizens who remain in their home for prevention, it has been decided to organize volunteer groups to facilitate supplies of first need as well as psychological and medical support.

Special phone number and e-address for communication will be announced immediately.

” we will operate with calm, coordination and solidarity between the institutions and bodies in all our islands and with local communities. We have been in touch with the municipal authorities for cooperation both in taking appropriate measures and in providing assistance, especially in the small islands. We will face this unprecedented crisis with responsibility and unity “, says the regional governor of the ionian islands of Rhodes kratsa – tsagaropoulou.


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