Our Kefalonia Olive Oil Adventures 2019

We decided as we saw the wind and rain associated with storm Victoria  forecast to pick our olives on Monday before they got blown off, as can be seen this years crop is large with the bough of the tree almost hitting the floor

The tree felt like it had an instant diet! as the olives were removed

Then in the midst of Victoria pouring rain on us off we went to a very busy mill at Mousatta and the process started by the olives having the light debris (leaves) removed via a fan

into the holding area below

 the olives were washed to remove heavier contaminants

Before heading to the press to be crushed and then melaxed 

then off to the centrifuge to split the oil, water and paste

and finally we had beautiful green oil arriving in our storage barrel

Then home for bread and the greenest olive oil we have seen since the last time 


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