Outbreaks are expected in two weeks

Waiting for the outbreak of the new coronavirus and in our country, the health authorities are seeing the number of confirmed cases increasing day by day. Experts do not exclude the possibility that the virus has already spread to the community in various parts of the country and estimate that there is a high probability of an outbreak in about two weeks.

According to a spokesman for the new coronavirus Health Ministry, Professor of Infectious Diseases Sotiris Tsiodras, 14 new cases of the disease were confirmed in the country yesterday, 11 of them involving Israeli and Egyptian travelers and 66 from Egypt. and three are excursion contacts. Overall, the number of cases identified by the Greek authorities in the last two weeks stands at 46, of which 17 are hospitalized, the majority of them with mild symptoms. The 66-year-old – a member of the excursion team – was hospitalized at the University Hospital of Rio, who had to undergo surgery early in the morning. Among the confirmed cases of the last two days is a health professional from Amaliada,

Following the latest developments, the Government, following the recommendation of the Committee of Experts, has decided to extend the suspension of the operation of educational institutions and public meeting places in the prefectures of Ilia, Achaia and Zakynthos for 14 days, to suspend all scheduled and scheduled trainings. to the affected areas of Western Greece, as well as the suspension of organized educational trips abroad until a later date. It is recalled that the suspension of school excursions was in force before the latest developments until March 13, 2020. Also, all sporting events around the country involving teams from Achaia, Ilia and Zakynthos will be closed until later.

Mr. Tsiodras, referring to the occurrence of the last 14 cases, noted that this was an expected spread of the disease in a closed space. He noted that the transmission of coronavirus from an unknown source has not been recorded in our country at this time.

The professor reiterated that there is no question of responsibility in the way the National Public Health Organization manages the excursions from Israel and Egypt. As he said, the EODY strategy is in line with the guidelines of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), which was confirmed by ECDC experts in Athens last night. He reiterated that in the days when the question was asked about the traveler from the Holy Land, Israel and Egypt were not referring to the control countries for the coronavirus.

Finally, according to Mr. Tsiodras, “at this stage, reducing and preventing as much spreading as possible will reduce the intensity and increase of observed cases of the disease. It will slow down the spread of the disease to the community, which is necessary for the health system to respond. ”

source – kathimerini.gr


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