Meeting discussing improvements to electricity supply in Poros area

On Thursday, September 21, 2021, the Deputy Mayor of Pronnon, Mr. Nikolaos Kourkoumelis and the President of Poros Mr. Odysseas Galiatsos had a meeting with the Director of HEDNO (Manager of the Greek Electricity Distribution Network), at the company’s offices in Argostoli Kefalonia.
At the meeting on behalf of HEDNO, was the Director Mrs. Alexandra Gasparinatou.
In the discussion that followed, we were informed about the serious issues in the area that concern the responsibilities of HEDNO and the significant progress that is being made in the network and concerns:
1. In the strengthening and modernization of the medium voltage network of the Tzannata Poros line
2. At the interconnection of the  power line with the Skala that ensures the double power transmission line in Poros.
3. In the undergrounding of the cables of the medium voltage line that passes through the forest above the church.
For these reasons as he informed us from the beginning of October scheduled power outages will be required for the execution of works.
The meeting, which took place was requested among others by Alexandra Gasparinatou and the undergrounding of the 600 m long power cables by HEDNO, which passes from the gorge of Poros to the community building in the context of the protection of the natural environment of the area. It was also informed that in the NA of the gorge is the cave of Drakaina and dates (ca. 5600 – 3700 BC) and the need to protect the archaeological site as well as that the PPC crews in the upgrade they are doing in front of the community resource building extra unsightly columns that must be immediately undergrounded.
Judging by the positive response to our requests, we are optimistic that the problems we have set for our place will be solved. 
We thank the Director Mrs. Alexandra Gasparinatou of HEDNO, hoping for the continuation of our constructive cooperation.
Poros Kefalonia President
Odysseas Galiatsatos
Kefalonia Pulse

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