Output from the Greek governments meeting on rising Coronavirus numbers (conformation UK fights will commence 15 July)

The government spokesman Stelios Petsas ,  began his press briefing, referring to the Turkish provocation in response to the conversion of Saint Sophia into a mosque  and then the government motions internationally for sanctions in the neighbor.

Meeting in Maximou (Greek government house)  – Request for cancellation of the festivals

  1. Targeted controls at the country’s entry gates are intensifying, with an emphasis on the Promachonas border post (Bulgarian border). From July 1 to July 11, 2020, 67,797 tests were performed at the country’s gates, of which 218 were positive. Just 0.35%. However, the data show that the positive tests are four times more in Promachonas, than for example in Eleftherios Venizelos.
  2. From the early hours of Wednesday, the proof documents of the negative tests that are required to be presented by those who wish to enter from Promachonas will be thoroughly checked. In case of presentation of non-authentic, forged, document, the provided sanctions will of course be imposed.
  3. Controls at entry gates from Albania are being strengthened. Already, over the weekend, 1,011 targeted checks wee carried out at the border post of Kakavia and will continue in the coming days in Krystallopigi.
  4. As previously announced, we will open direct flights from the United Kingdom from July 15. In addition, we open direct flights from Sweden from 22 July 2020. At the same time, depending on the evolution of epidemiological data in countries outside the European Union, such as the USA, the opening of direct flights from the end of July is being considered. 2020, with the obligation to demonstrate a negative molecular test result (PCR) for the coronavirus, which will have been performed up to 72 hours before entering Greece.
  5. As the alarm bell rings not only for arrivals from abroad, but also for relaxation at home, the Committee of Infectious Diseases Commissioners agreed, at its current meeting, the immediate ban on festivals and other mass events until, at least, end of July. The Government is constantly monitoring developments, talking to experts and taking any measures needed.

source -ethnos.gr

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