Over 30 anti-smoking violations in the last four days

According to a National Transparency Authority briefing on controls carried out from 20 to 24 November on the implementation of the anti-smoking law “it is clear that Greeks are embracing the effort to put an end to smoking in public places and to protect public health”.

Mixed Scales of Auditors-Auditors of the National Transparency Authority and ELAS executives. continued their checks on the implementation of anti-smoking law throughout the country, implementing the specific audit action program and drawing on data from 1142.

Of the 97 stores audited, no violations were recorded in 68%. In particular, smokers were found in only 15% of all regulated stores, ie the percentage of ‘smokeless’ shops reached 85%, a very high percentage indicating that society is ready to turn the page, claim and protect public health and social well-being.

Detailed information on the audits carried out is given below according to the information provided by the National Transparency Authority Commander Angel Bini:

1. On Wednesday, 20.11.2019, in the area of ​​Nea Smyrni, 10 shops were inspected and violations were recorded in 3 of them. In each case, a fine of 500 euros was imposed on the responsible owners of the shops, as well as a fine of 100 euros on the three smokers.

2. On Thursday, 21.11.2019, in the area of ​​Kolonaki, 10 PSUs were checked and infringements were found in 3 shops, fined € 500 for infringements such as: no smoking sign and no other preventive measures (asylum removal) outdoor smoking outside specifications.

3. On Friday 22.11.2019, audits were carried out in the center of Athens (Agia Irini Square and Monastiraki) as well as in Serres and Larissa.

  • Agia Eirini Square was controlled by a total of 11 PSUs during the daytime, where 2 fines of 500 euros were imposed for lack of a smoking ban. All exterior spaces complied with the requirements of the law
  • In Monastiraki, 10 PSUs were checked and violations were found in 3 of them concerning the Smoking Reference Book, the existence of ashtrays and the lack or lack of smoking bans.
  • In the Serres area, 8 stores were inspected. Four of them were fined € 500 after being found to have ashtrays with cigarette butts enclosed on top with curtains and a cover. In another case, a fine of EUR 4,000 was imposed for a repeat offense as ELAS had imposed a prior check.
  • A total of 16 PSUs were tested in the Larissa area. Fines were imposed in 2 cases. In the first case a fine of EUR 500 was imposed on the owner and two fines of EUR 100 on smokers. In the second case a fine of € 2000 was imposed on the trader (shop 220 sqm) and three fines of € 100 on smokers.

4. On Saturday 23.11.2019 and Sunday 24.11.2019 nightclubs and clubs were audited in Attica (Syngrou Avenue, Piraeus Avenue, Bournazi and Peristeri) as well as in Rio Patras, Argos and in Nafplion.

  • Six businesses were controlled at Sygrou and Piraeus Avenue and fined 6,000 euros in 3 cases and 100 euros in two smokers.
  • In Peristeri and Bournazi, 10 PSUs were checked in 4 of which were fined 500 euros and 1 fine 100 euros in a room found to be smoking indoors.
  • In the area of ​​Rio Patras, 11 PSUs were searched and no indoor smokers were found. A fine of 500 euros was imposed for failure to keep a Smoking Reference Book.
  • In Argos and Nafplio, 15 shops were inspected, where there were no smokers indoors. Nine fines of 500 euros were imposed for failing to mark or missing a Smoking Reference Book.

source – aftodioikisi.gr

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