Over 6,000 temporary AMKA numbers already issued  and now a target of 2.8 million vaccinations per month

The great response of the young people who are rushing to be vaccinated brings a breath of optimism , while the project “Freedom” is gaining momentum.

As the Deputy Minister of Digital Government, George Georgantas, stated to SKAI, from July the vaccinations are expected to move to a record level, as they are predicted to reach 2.7-2.8 million per month.

Mr. Georgantas estimated that by the end of June a wall of immunity will have been built, as citizens under the age of 30 will be able to be vaccinated . “On Holy Thursday we had 66,000 vaccinations in one day and the pace is accelerating. From May 5 we will have 1,500 vaccination centers available, we will also have the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. “We are very optimistic and I believe that by the end of June the immune wall will have been built, as from June all other adults, ie those under 30, will be able to be vaccinated,” he said.

Vaccination: The time has come for 45-49
Regarding the 45-49, for whom the dating platform was opened , Mr. Georgantas stated that 124,000 citizens who are registered in the intangible prescription will receive a message to accept the proposed appointments, while all the rest will be able to make an appointment with all other ways, either through the platform or in pharmacies and KEP.

Responding to how the citizens who do not have an AMKA will be vaccinated, the Undersecretary pointed out that 10 days after a legislative initiative, which was presented to the Parliament and voted in favor, those who do not have an AMKA, have the opportunity to issue a temporary only for this use. “It simply came to our notice then. Those who have a TIN or those who have a police ID card, can through the emvolio.gov.gr platform that refers to the temporary AMKA, be able to issue it digitally. “Those who do not have one of these two, should visit a KEP and there they will be directed to what documents they must send so that after issuing the temporary AMKA they can enter the vaccination process”, he explained, adding that they have already been issued approximately 6,000 temporary AMKA.


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