Overnight Fire in a forest area in Kourouklata

Our service was notified on 07/07/2019 on Sunday and about 03: 30 and went for extinguishing a fire in the area of Kourouklata of Argostoli Municipal Area in a forest area. 
Five (05) firefighting vehicles with fourteen (14) firefighters and one (1) water-carrier of the civil protection of the municipality of Kefalonia participated in the extinguishment. The work of the extinguishment was coordinated by the Commander of the WW. Argostoli Pyrarchos Charalambos Giannakis.
 The fire has been put under control while fire-fighting forces remain at that point.

For the reasons of the above fire a preliminary investigation is carried out by the competent department of our Office.

 The commander

Charalambos N. Giannakis


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