Overnight update and images from the fire still burning this morning

The fire brigade is stilll fighting the fire in Kefalonia.

The fire is currently burning uncontrollably and an order has been issued to evacuate the villages of Markopoulo, Kremmidi, Pastra and the area of ​​Kolaiti, following a decision by the mayor of Argostoli, Theofilos Michalatos, to protect the residents.

The forces of the Fire Brigade have been strengthened, but the night was long as the local media emphasize.

Last night the Civil Protection sent a message via “112” to those in the settlements of Pastra, Kremmidi, Markopoulo, Katelios and Kato Katelios, to stay on alert all night and follow the instructions of the authorities. The General Secretariat for Civil Protection via SMS described the situation in Kefalonia as extremely urgent.

Earlier, a decision was made to evacuate the settlement of Kapandriti and Agia Irini.

On the front of the fire, the forces are reinforced with 25 firefighters from the 1st EMAK, who went by Civil Protection aircraft, while 16 firefighters and 8 vehicles are passing by boat from Kyllini.

A total of 106 firefighters will operate with six groups of pedestrians, 27 vehicles, while earlier efforts to extinguish the fire involved seven planes and two helicopters, which stopped operating as soon as night fell.

At the same time, by order of the Chief of PS. Lieutenant General Stefanos Kolokouris, a member of the D.A.E.E. goes to Kefalonia to investigate the causes of the fire.

It is noted that earlier the governor of the Ionian Islands, Rodi Kratsa, had spoken to APE-MPE about the development of the fire .

“The fire is very big, a coordinated effort is being made by the Fire Service to demarcate it. There are large fire brigades at the scene and they will be reinforced even more. “Two settlements, Agia Irini and Kapandriti, have been evacuated as a precaution”, said Ms. Kratsa, adding: “The Ionian Islands Region together with the municipality are assisting as requested in this great battle with the flames”.

“The fire was started by a shepherd”
Speaking to ANT1, Rodi Kratsa said that all forces have been thrown into the battle with the flames, while, regarding the aircraft, she stated that “they announced that the first media that started had some damage, we hope by nightfall to enable the air force to do what we all hope for. ”

“I was informed that the fire was started by a shepherd. It is tragic for these things to happen today “, said Rodi Kratsa, adding that two villages in Kefalonia have been evacuated . The governor of the Ionian Islands concluded by saying that “the weather conditions favour the fire, as 4 beaufort winds prevail”.

This morning the local PZL planes were back on the scene at first light and Erickson has arrived from its base at Andravida.

First light brings these images

Picture source – Διονύσης Παπαδάτος /Mike Ps

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