PAMKA method for application that gets approval within 24 hours

I can personally say this method worked yesterday for someone immediately who had applied 5 weeks ago and been rejected with an unhelpful email.

  1. Locate the form issued when you got your AFM number at the tax office
  2. Ensure your existing passport number is still associated  with tax number
  3. Reapply at emvolio website using following options
    1. VAT (AFM) number – Yes
    2. ID document – Passport
    3. Enter surname, name(s), mothers name, fathers name, DOB, tax number, passport number etc exactly as detailed on your tax form (ΒΕΒΑΙΩΣΗ ΑΠΟΔΟΣΕΣ Α.Φ.Μ)  in English
    4. Address (Street number)- – look for field on tax form (ΟΔΟΣ) enter the detail in this field in Greek
    5. Postal code- look for field on tax form (ΤΑΧ ΚΩΑ) enter the number
    6. Municipality – look for field on tax form (ΑΡΜΟΔΙΑ) for most it will be ΑΡΓΟΣΤΟΛΙΟΥ enter that in Greek
    7. Enter Greek mobile phone (important this is how you will get your temporary AMKA sent to you), email etc.
  4. Submit form

Hopefully as was the case yesterday when i completed the form it will almost instantly be checked via software, everything will match and a PAMKA will be sent via SMS.

You still have to wait up to two week before it is recognised but it is a massive step forward.


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