Panagis Kappatos is the new MP representing Kefalonia and Ithaca

His opening statement after victory in the elections yesterday;
“Today is a great day for Greece, a great day for Kefalonia,” said the new MP of Kefalonia and Ithaka
Panagis Kappatos.
“We have succeeded, after 10 years, to make” blue” (New Democracy) the headquarters in Kefalonia and I promise to be a MP of all Kefalonia.”
At the same time, Mr. Kappatos thanked his team for the work they gave together, as well as all the Kefalonia’s and the Thanks to those who honoured him with their vote. ”
Finally he mentioned that his first priority is Health and the Hospital of Argosotoli with the great shortages of doctors and nursing staff that make it difficult to provide proper hospitalisation and care to the citizens and visitors of our island.


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