Panagis Kappatos (local MP): Inspection of the road to Myrtos – Temporary access may happen this Summer but only if is safe to do so!

Today I visited the road to Myrtos with the Director of EYDE Transport Infrastructure Mr. Anagnopoulos. It was identified the big problem that exists and the need to seek a technical solution of a permanent nature and large scale, so that our island does not face the same problem every year.

As previously announced, Mr. Dimitris Anagnopoulos, Director of the Special Service of Public Works (EYDE) for the Construction and Maintenance of Transport Infrastructure, visited Kefalonia today.

The main object of the visit was the inspection of the access road to the beach of Myrtos, the repair of which is being undertaken by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, due to major technical difficulties.

The Deputy Regional Governor Mr. Travlos, the Mayor of Sami Mr. Monias and the technical services of the Ionian Islands Region were present on the spot.

Displacement of the mountain mass has been found to cause constant disasters, which can only be addressed with a complex and large technical task. A holistic solution is needed along the entire length of 2.5 km of the road, so that the safety of visitors is not constantly endangered, but also that almost every year the same large-scale repairs are not needed.

For this reason the road repair study will take several months. An attempt will be made this summer to find a temporary solution, but only if it is deemed safe to use the road.

Mr. Anagnopoulos and Mr. Monias and I visited other transport infrastructure in the area, such as the bridge of Heimonikos and places on the road to Falari, near Makriotika, where there are also disasters.

I thank Mr. Anagnopoulos for his visit to Kefalonia, as well as the General Secretary of Infrastructure Mr. George Karagiannis for the cooperation.



Panagis Kappatos

Member of Parliament for Kefalonia and Ithaca



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