Panathinaikos – Olympiakos Game Abandoned Due to Crowd Trouble

Major episodes in OAKA and interruption in derby / Photo: EUROKINISSI

Olympiakos won the 70 ‘with 0-1 thanks to Goerro’s goal.

At the Super League tonight’s big derby, we had a double invasion of fans in the first half and in the second half in the 70th minute with the score 0-1 , big episodes outside the OAKA and eventually the German referee Frits decided to stop the derby permanently with Panathinaikos’s fault, with Olympiacos winning.

More specifically, at the 55th minute, episodes outside the FAO’s fan club organized in OAKA took place. Police authorities have used tear gas to suppress tension. The atmosphere became stifling at this point, so hosts of the hosts moved to more central doors.

German referee Marco Frits had to stop the match again in the 70th minute – he had done it in the sixth for about eight minutes due to hosts invasion and attack on the bench of Olympiakos – as the atmosphere became more suicidal for them players themselves.

A short time later he went out for inspection, all PAO fans were gone and eventually decided to stop definitively with Olympiacos taking the win 20 minutes before the derby finished.

Thus, Panathinaikos loses the derby and is expected to receive a heavy punishment (deduction of points, penalty punishment and financial penalty) for the episodes, which will make it even bigger the problem in this year’s championship. If 6 more points are removed from the clover, then he will drop to 12th place with 26 points, three more than PAS Giannena, who at the moment ending the championship today would play a barrage of staying with the 2nd Football League team . The problem for the greens who started the championship again from -6 is even more pronounced after a difficult schedule, since in the last 5 games it has to face Apollo Smyrna (off), Mars (inside), OFI (inside) Intrepid (off) and panetool (inside).


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