Parents & Guardians Association of the 2th Elementary School of Lixouri call for cleaning closure of all schools in Lixouri

Dear fellow citizens and those responsible,
Another confirmed case in our city is a fact. The only difference is that this case is a member of the educational community. The fact that the teacher is working in the 2th Kindergarten should now be a reason to take measures to avoid diaspora.
So we ask at the request of our city’s parents to disinfect all schools in Lixouri and not just the 2th Kindergarten, as many children have older brothers in Elementary School or many children were getting on the same bus as other kindergarten children. From this alone one understands that the diaspora in our small town can already be very large.
We are asking for the closure of all schools in the Municipality of Lixouri for 15 days and special purpose leave for parents who need it for these 15 days. In a society that has no hospitals (the situation in Mantzavinateio is known, while the General Hospital of Kefalonia is in a marginal state) we demand immediate measures to protect all of our health.
We also ask for mass free tests from the step of Phea already in our area so that we can get proper care of those in need and diaspora image so that we can all protect ourselves
The Greek government, having not taken any essential measures so far (reduction of students per class, hiring additional teachers, doctors etc), left schools, that is, our children unfortunate, defining as only a measure the use of mask. So you have a responsibility even now to limit diaspora in Lixouri. Our needs are not getting into Lockdown. We now need health and safety measures in schools.
Yours sincerely
Kozomboli Panagiota
President of the Parents & Guardians Association of the 2th Elementary School of Lixouri
Board of Directors of Parents & Guardians of the 2th Primary School of Lixouri

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