Paros is trying to become the first Mediterranean island without plastic

“Like many islands in the Cyclades, waste production on the island of Paros explodes in summer. More than 400,000 tourists visit the island with a local population of just 13,000. Paros is now at the heart of an effort to become the first island in the world that is truly free of plastics … It looks like quite a challenge. “

These include, inter alia, the BBC in its extensive tribute to the efforts of the Municipality of Paros with the Clean Blue Paros initiative to make Paros the first Mediterranean island without plastic waste and at the same time one of the world’s pioneers in the fight against plastic in its seas. world.

The Clean Blue Paros action is a result of the partnership of the Municipality of Paros with the charity Common Seas, the WATT Applied Technologies and Transportation company. The Cyclades Preservation Fund and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Greece also support the initiative, which aims to reduce plastic waste (plastic coffee cups, straws, water bottles, food packaging and plastic bags) by replacing them with alternatives.

Clean Blue Paros will guide and contribute to educational programs for both residents and visitors of Paros. It will identify and invest in solutions that will have the greatest impact on eliminating and reducing plastic waste located in the Paros seas. Together, they will help to effectively reduce plastic waste and pollution.


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