Partial Eclipse of the moon viewable from Greece on 16th July

In the evening of Tuesday July 16, we will have the opportunity in Greece to observe a partial eclipse of the Moon. As it follows a period without partial or complete eclipses, this eclipse is of particular interest. A partial eclipse of Moon from Greece will be seen again in May 2022 and a total eclipse of the Moon in September 2025, so friends of the sky should not miss the opportunity. 
The main phenomenon, that is, the entrance of the Moon in the shadow of the Earth, will begin at 23:01 GMT. Earlier, the eclipse of ecstasy has begun, which, as it is known, is initially indistinct to the naked eye but will be visible as we approach the shadow eclipse. 

At the beginning of the partial eclipse, the Moon will be at a height of about 19 degrees in the southeastern sky and its course will be upward with the phenomenon ending with the Moon at a height of 29 degrees in the southern sky. As the phenomenon will grow to a satisfactory height it will be easy to record even from urban areas. 

The climax will occur at 00:30 when about 2/3 of the Moon (as a fraction of the angular diameters) will be hidden from Earth’s shadow. 

The exact times of the phenomenon are as follows in the time of Greece: 

Start of the eclipse: 21:43 
Start of partial eclipse: 23:01 
Maximum eclipse: 00:30 
End of partial eclipse 01:59 
End of eclipse 3:17 

The eclipse will be fully visible in most parts of Europe and Africa as well as in much of Asia. 

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