Participation of Ainos Management Body in the 19th Panhellenic Forestry Conference


With a successful and important scientific announcement, the Managing Authority of Ainos National Park participated in the proceedings of the 19th Panhellenic Forestry Conference, entitled: “The contribution of forest ecosystems to the mountain economy and the protection of the natural environment”. The proceedings of the Conference were held in Litochoro Pieria from 29 September to 2 October 2019.

At the Conference organized by the Hellenic Forestry Society in collaboration with local agencies of the Prefecture of Pieria, the Managing Director was represented by the Deputy Director Dr. Forester Michael Xanthakis. This year’s Congress presented up-to-date forestry research in all areas of forest management, forestry and the natural environment in general. On the last day of the Conference, an excursion to Olympus was held to inform the Conference on the global ecological / historical / forest value of Greece’s most important National Park.

The Management Body participated with a scientific announcement (speech and posting) by Xanthakis M., Voutsina Ch., Maroulis Ch. & Mineto P., titled: “Development of a database with the flora species recordings of Kefalonia”. The purpose of the Communication was to inform the Delegates of the work carried out by the Agency and the systematic effort made by its staff to collect and process biodiversity data, such as flora, fauna, birds, habitat types and more.

The multiple benefits resulting from the Management Body’s participation in Panhellenic and International Conferences, both for the Agency itself, for the protected areas of Kefalonia-Ithaca and for the local community, will be presented at a special thematic workshop to be held Saturday 19 October 2019 at the Korgialenio Library in Argostoli with the participation of internationally acclaimed scientists and representatives of protected area networks and management bodies. The event will take place in the framework of the measure “Financial Support to Extrajudicial Acts 2019”, funded by the Green Fund. The agenda of the workshop will be announced in a press release next time.

With the participation of the 19th Panhellenic Forestry Conference, the management body of the National Park of Ainos sought to present its scientific work, exchange views, network and ensure collaboration with Greek and foreign forestry scientists who participated in the conservation of the area. , proper management and promotion of the Ainos National Park.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the
Managing Authority of Ainos National Park

George Drakatos
Director of Research at the National Observatory of Athens

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