Participation of the Aenos Managing Authority in the proceedings of the annual conference of the European Eurosite network

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Argostoli, 13.11.2019


The Aenos National Park Management Body participated with great success in the proceedings of the annual conference of the European Network of Protected Areas Eurosite. The conference was held in Monticciano, Italy from 4 to 7 November 2019 and the Managing Director of the National Park of Ainos represented, Deputy Director Dr. Michael Xanthakis and Mrs Sofia Moschopoulou.
Representatives of the Agency had the opportunity to discuss with Eurosite people as well as with several of the Meeting participants, who arrived in Monticyan from various parts of Europe, on issues related to the operation and promotion of the National Parks. They also exchanged views, experiences, and best practices from Orbetello National Park, Italy.
At the same time, during the annual conference, information material on the Ainos National Park was made available to the participants, aiming to highlight the area and attract collaborations with other parks and European agencies. Participants were informed about the ecological and aesthetic value of the Aenos National Park and its Environmental Awareness / Awareness Actions (eg guided tours, environmental education, hiking trails, mountain biking, etc.).
During the above conference there was an exhibition of local products from each participant’s area. The Management Body participated with traditional products from our island, offering local professionals.
At this point we would like to warmly thank the shops Voskopoula, Sesoulas, Galiatsatos Dairy and the Robolas Kefalonia Cooperative.
The Aynos National Park Management Body seeks to co-operate with other European parks, and in particular with parks in the Adriatic-Ionian Macro Region. Priority areas for cooperation include: exchange of know-how, ways of developing ecotourism, environmental protection, mitigation of climate change impacts, sustainable development of island protected areas.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Managing Authority of Ainos National Park

George Drakatos
Dr. Seismologist
Director of Research


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