Passenger limits change from Monday – What will now apply to cars, taxis and trucks

New passenger , taxi and truck passenger limits will apply from Monday, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

The announcement emphasizes that up to two (2) passengers in addition to the driver will be able to board from Monday, January 25 at 06:00 in public vehicles (TAXI) and private passengers vehicles, after the approval of the relevant suggestions of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport by the Infectious Diseases Committee.

According to the new Joint Ministerial Decision “Emergency measures to protect public health from the risk of further spread of coronavirus COVID-19”, published today, Saturday, January 23, 2021, exceeding this passenger limit is allowed only in two cases, if the vehicle are riding:
• a) minor children, whose stay at home is impossible under adult supervision or
• b) a person who needs help from a second passenger to move.

What will apply to the double cabins and the VANs
In addition, from the same day and time, up to three (3) people plus the driver will be allowed to ride in the double cabins, mixed use and VAN type vehicles. Exceeding the occupant limit is allowed only if the vehicle is carrying minor children, whose stay at home under adult supervision is impossible.

It is reminded that it is still valid that students who are served by taxi in non-urban areas, for their transfer to school, are allowed to travel up to four (4) people, upon presentation of a relevant certificate from the school principal.

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