Passport stamping or preferably not leaving/arriving in Schengen zone for those with residence permits

As we’ve had so many posts about stamping recently I just thought I’d let you know that the BiE team told me that the European Commission is aware of the inconsistences and is going to write and publish a new annex to the Border Guards’ handbook, which will set out our rights in a clearer form not to be wet stamped or electronically stamped next year when the EES (entry-exit system) is brought in and wet stamps become obsolete.
The confusion is arising from the fact that although our cards look like TCN permits, the Withdrawal Agreement states that its beneficiaries should be treated ‘as if they have free movement’. This means that our passports should not be marked (article 14).
At the same time, we are using non-EU channels. And of course the issue of how our 90 day maximum stays in other Schengen countries will be monitored remains a mystery. It has obviously not been thought through. At the moment, this is all the border guards have to go on so it’s not surprising many of you have reported them scratching their heads.
Source – FB post of Julia Cross in British in Greece

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