Patras Carnival: 40,000 Carnivalists took part in the night parade!

A “river” of thousands of Carnivalists rose tonight on the central streets of spring Patras, turning the city into an endless field of joy and fun.

More than 40,000 young and young Patras, who each year are the “soul” of the patriotic carnival, took part in the night-foot parade, which is characterized as the biggest night of Patras carnival.

Besides, the lighting, colors, spontaneity, inventiveness, satire and joy of the crew members of The Hidden Treasure were combined in a unique way, offering thousands of visitors a spectacular spectacle.

At the top of the parade there was the Chinese company “Flying Dragons and Dancing Lions – Team of Cuigezhuang Township” from Beijing with the accompaniment of the musical chariot. The company presented the Chinese dragon’s theater drama with dancers and acrobats, transferring the customs and culture of the Chinese people.

Then, according to the APE-MPA, they parted the chariots of the municipality of Patras, led by the King Carnaval and followed the queen’s carriage with the queen of this year’s carnival, Anastasia Psarrou.

Then they parted the chariot chariot, the chariots “War and Peace”, and “Super Heroes”, as well as the carnival chariots of the small “Tosodoula”, “Zouzouno-vehicle”, “Carnival” and Pupa.

After the chariots, the Carnivalists followed, with their colorful and original uniforms, characterized by fantasy and overturning, drawing their subjects from both politics and everyday life.

The Carnivalists, with their own illumination in their uniforms and hats, offered a special spectacle, giving majesty to the penultimate night of the 2019 carnival.

Meanwhile, the pavements of Corinth Street, like George’s Square, were overwhelmed by a crowd watching the parade and taking part in the great celebration of the city, as the Carnivalists managed in their own way to convey to them the rhythms of joy and the goodbye.

The celebration and carnival fun will continue all night in Patras, and the events will peak tomorrow with the great carnival parade, which will start at 14:00 and the closing ceremony that will take place at 21:00, Nicholas.


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