Paxos: Tourists without masks and distances crowd on a boat in the Blue Cave [images]

New measures to curb the coronavirus may have been announced just yesterday, it can be emphasized in every tone that overcrowding must be avoided at all costs to stop the spread of Covid-19, however, as the following images from Paxos prove , some they fail to realize it.

At a time when the state and scientists are sounding the alarm, emphasizing in every tone that we must all be vigilant and strictly adhere to the measures taken, some continue to be indifferent, endangering not only their own health but also that of of the whole.

Proof are the following images from Paxos, this morning. This is one of the local boats that perform day trips to Paxos, as it approaches the Blue Cave.

As can be seen in the photos below, none of the measures that have been taken and the criticality of their application is emphasized in each tone, is not applied. The masks, although they have been mandatory on the decks of the ships for several days , for the passengers of this particular ship look like a useless accessory. The passengers who use it are minimal. And of course the necessary distances are not observed by anyone, images that do not match the data in the covid era.

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