Peeling Back The Layers of The Kefalonian Onion – Recommended places to visit for returning visitors to the island


The second part in our journey of exploration in Kefalonia,

Following your first trip the island has “got under your skin” and your back for a second visit, so you already know the main resorts and attractions

Lets peel off another layer and see what else we can find you.

You have visited Kefalonia before and probably had a whistle stop tour of the main attractions, some of which would have appealed and this trip you will want to explore more and below are even more places to consider visiting.

Resorts and main towns to visit
  • Trip 1 places
  • Fiscardo wider area including lighthouse
  • Atheras
  • Zola
  • Svoronata
  • Assos Castle
  • Beaches as part of resorts 
  • Vatsa Beach
  • Atheras beach
  • Kiriaki Beach
  • Minies Beach
  • Alaties Beach
  • Anti-Samos Beach
  • St Thomas Beach
  • Trapezaki Beach
  • Fanari area (Katovothres, Italian War Monument etc.)
  • Agios Gerasimos church (Lassi)
  • Ainos Mountain to the viewpoint at aerials
  • Kipouria Monastery
  • Argostoli Museums
  • Karavomylos Lake (nr Sami)
  • Koutavos Lagoon and information centre
  • Odysseus Zoo land
  • Sami Nautical Museum

There is never any easy answer to specific daily itineraries as there are too many variables  e.g. start location, time people like to stay somewhere, hours they want to drive.
However,  based on a 5 day hire and because you know the island better you can modify these suggestions easily to fit your requirements;

Trip 1
Alaties beach and Acqua, Assos and it’s castle, Fiscardo area and beaches,  

Trip 2
Zola, Kiriaki beach, Atheras, Kipouria Monastery, Vatsa

Trip 3
Antisamos, Karavomylos Lake, Sami Nautical Museum, Odysseus Zoo Land

Trip 4
Argostoli museums, Koutavos lagoon & information centre, Fanari area (Katovothres, Italian War Monument) and Agios Gerasimos church (Lassi)

Trip 5
Minies beach, Svoronata, St Thomas Beach & Trapezaki Beach

The next sequel Onion Layer 3 to follow soon

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