Petani: The mythical fairyland of Kefalonia – A beach of incredible beauty

Petanoi is not just a beach in Kefalonia, but they are a very serious reason to visit the island.

Yes, Kefalonia does not lack sea and impressive beaches, as Myrtos is. But if you do yourself a favor and travel to Lixouri , you will understand that it was worth it to cross this special winding road.

When you see for the first time the enchanting bay of Petana , you will realize that nature had great fun when it created it. Mountain and sea unite and create 850 meters of incredible beauty. Sculpted rocks, white pebbles, green landscape, emerald, crystal clear waters condense all the beauty of Greece in one place. Sea calm, cold, cleanses soul and body. It owes its temperature to the waters of the springs that descend from the mountain and are confused with the sea water. That is why when you swim in Petanos you will see the colors in the sea change, where the salty and the sweet meet. The cold with the hot.

Two big rocks in the sea, leave their own mark, while they become the background in the holiday posts, on Instagram.

In such a place of unique beauty, of course, the myths could not be missing . In ancient times, fairies would go out and wash their clothes in the springs while enjoying the view.

Today, on the blue flag beach, there are taverns and cafes (fortunately in a small part), for your food and water. Known for its fresh fish, Erasmia, where the inseparable happens in August.

The name Petana means “constant movement of water” and as mentioned in an article by Gerasimos Sot. Galanou from, the place name seems to be Homeric and some verses from the Odyssey give us information about it:

A good place for goats and oxen, there are
all kinds of trees and watering ditches.

Αρδμός = Ποτίστρα Επιετάνοι = the lasting year, the abundant, sufficient
The name εΠΙΕΤΑΝΟΙ became Petani. That is, it means the place that has a lot of water, all year round.

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