Petsas: 800 euro allowance to artists and other in culture section – Who is entitled to it

We have entered the bridge of security that leads us to a new regularity, it is the gradual and safe restart of social and economic activity, Stelios Petsas said today in the briefing of the journalists.


During the briefing and referring to the area of ​​culture that is affected by the coronavirus, Stelios Petsas repeated a series of measures concerning:

  • Stelios Petsas repeated measures for culture
  • For artists and people of culture who have active contracts, they are included in the 800 euro allowance.
  • The long-term unemployed from the field of culture are included in similar programs with aids for the unemployed
  • They are already available for the Ministry of Culture 15 million euros for actions to strengthen cultural programs, such as animation, dance
  • Actors, ushers etc. are entitled to special compensation 800 euros

Specifically, Stelios Petsas noted
The Prime Minister, as he stated on Thursday in the Greek Parliament, is taking the initiative in order for the Ministry of Culture, the co-responsible bodies and all those involved to formulate a comprehensive support plan for Culture and the artistic world.

In relation to the strengthening of the world of Culture until today, the following are noted:

First, those artists who have had active contracts before the restrictive measures are, of course, covered by the support measures that have been taken. That is, the granting of 800 euros, the measures to suspend their insurance and tax liabilities, as well as the facilities in their bank liabilities.

Secondly, those who were unemployed or long-term unemployed and come from the art world, also have the opportunity to join all the programs of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. For example, the 8,500-seat program for those aged 55 to 67, the program for 36,500 unemployed in Municipalities and NPDD with high scores for long-term unemployed, and the programs that follow for about 100,000 unemployed.

Thirdly, for the people who were expecting to find work in the coming months, we have made sure that the Budget of the Ministry of Culture has 15 million euros available to prepare specific actions to strengthen the various branches of artistic staff, from audiovisual material to the issues they have to do with animation, with dance, with theater. In all these activities, people affected by the artistic world will be able to find employment.

Fourth, for hourly wage earners, such as  musicians, actors, ushers, interpreters or other cultural content providers, after consultation between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labor, a relevant JMC was issued to receive special compensation. of 800 euros.

Sources from the Ministry of Culture say that the measures mentioned by the government spokesman are part of the framework announced on April 2, while they pointed out that more are expected to be announced in the coming days.

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