Petsas: Cafes as well as restaurants will remain closed until January- What will apply to SMS – More shops will open from 14 December

The final announcements for the Christmas road map will be made on Friday, noted Stelios Petsas , and will concern the movements from prefecture to prefecture, SMS, retail, churches and hairdressers.

Speaking to ANT1, the government spokesman stressed that the restaurant will be closed until January 7 , clarifying that this includes cafes and restaurants. “We are concerned because there is such a slow drop in the viral load”, noted Mr. Petsas and clarified that there will be time to prepare for the opening of the market.

At the same time, the government spokesman stressed that the sending of SMS will continue to be valid after the liberalization of retail and stressed that shopping will be allowed in different municipalities. What will not be allowed, however, is travel to other regions, especially for those who have vacations. Employees in other districts and students will be excluded from the rule, as, according to the government spokesman, there will be provision for family reunification.

Change in the night traffic schedule
Stelios Petsas noted that compared to the first lockdown the traffic is increased by 20%. “If retail opens, of course there will be a need to adjust to the nighttime traffic schedule. “Firstly, because the hours can be extended, so that there is no overcrowding, secondly, so that there is time for them to return to their homes”, he said regarding the night traffic ban, which is now from 21:00. In any case, this is an extension that will apply during the holidays, when the market will be open, which apparently will be from December 14 to January 7.

However, he left open the possibility that there will be a special provision for the eves of Christmas and New Year . “We will see it as we approach, we will see it in the coming days,” said Mr. Petsas.

Especially for the churches, the government spokesman said that announcements will be made at the end of the week. “Retail cannot be opened and the churches left closed. These are the things that will be discussed in the next 2-3 days in order to make decisions “.

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