Petsas: If the measures are not observed at Christmas, they will be imposed more strictly for the New Year

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas called on citizens across the country not to relax during the holidays .

In fact, he stressed that “if during the Christmas Eve and on the day there are phenomena of non-observance of the measures, there is a possibility that stricter measures will be imposed for the respective days of the New Year”.

According to Mr. Petsas, in areas of Western Attica and Kozani the viral load remains high.

Addressing the holidays, he said: “We appeal, once again, not only to the residents of the affected areas, but to the citizens of the whole country not to relax during the holidays.

We are all tired of the quarantine that took us away from our loved ones, but we must not let a few hours meeting threaten our lives and ruin everything we have achieved in the past weeks.

Gathering especially in closed and poorly ventilated areas such as our homes, can be a celebration for the virus and not for us.

The balances are very fragile and there is no room for experimentation, mistakes or risk. We want to go forward after the holidays, not go back. We want to look to the future with optimism, as vaccination begins. We want – and we can – to succeed.

Let’s try to be with the same people – at most with another family – at Christmas and New Year. Let us not play with our lives and the lives of the people we love. Let’s play defense. “Much more now that the vaccine is coming and hope is not a wish, but a visible reality.

Petsas: Vaccination is a huge project
Regarding the vaccine, Stelios Petsas stated that the first batches of vaccines will arrive in Greece on December 26 and the vaccination will start the next day. As he explained, the employees in the NSS will precede, will follow the nursing homes and then the 2.4 million of our fellow citizens over 65, because from this age group comes 80% of the deaths and 60% of the intubated.

“The project is of enormous extent and complexity and the preparations continue intensively. “The proper storage spaces for the vaccine have already been secured, as well as the conditions for safe and fast transport to the 1,018 vaccination centers, which have been organized in every corner of the country”, said Mr. Petsas. He stressed that a large group of executives from the Ministries of Health, Digital Policy and Citizen Protection is operating at the Civil Protection Operations Center to coordinate the project. And as he said, “our goal is to vaccinate as many of our fellow citizens as possible as soon as possible, which will mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic.”

At the same time, he reminded that from today and every Monday at 6 pm, the Ministry of Health will hold regular information on the course and planning of vaccination by the emeritus professor of Pediatrics of EKPA and chairman of the National Vaccination Committee, Maria Theodoridou, and the general Secretary of Primary Health Care of the Ministry of Health, Mario Themistokleous.

Petsas: From the evening a new program of 12,000 sampling tests is implemented throughout the territory
“The coronavirus pandemic brought us to situations we could not have imagined a few months ago. Dealing with it requires the solidarity of all of us and the observance of the measures recommended by the experts. That is why each and every one of us can make a decisive contribution to the joint effort “, also said Mr. Petsas.

He continued: “One aspect of this joint effort is the monitoring of a critical epidemiological factor in measuring the spread in the community, the ‘positivity index’ of the coronavirus. Monitoring the index will allow us to have an accurate picture of the transmission of the virus to the community. The positivity index results from the coronavirus tests that are performed daily in the country. The participation in the randomized sample of tests will help in the early diagnosis, in the protection of our vulnerable loved ones in our close environment, but also the specialists to form the necessary image for the transmission of the coronavirus throughout the country with timely detection of the spread. In this context, from tonight, a new program is implemented with the aim of daily implementation 12.
For the implementation of the program, a new platform has been created at the address and 386 fixed checkpoints have been identified, which include Health Centers, units of the Armed Forces and health units of EODY.
On this platform, any of our fellow citizens can express interest in a test and will be notified of the place and time they will do it.
The program concerns all of us, with the exception of those who present with symptoms, who should contact their doctor in order to have tests in the Health Centers and the hospitals “.

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