Phoebus (Foivos) : Bad weather, with rains, storms and strong winds

Slowly barometric lows will affect the weather until Sunday (27/1). The main features of Phoebe, as the meteorological meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens , called the new meteorological wave , will be the rainfall in almost all of the country and the storms, as well as the hailstorms on the ground, island and coastal areas.

At the same time, from Tuesday night (22/1) to Saturday (26/1), windy, windy, windy, 8-9 beaufort winds blow in the Aegean. As far as temperature is concerned, it is expected to fall towards the end of the week, so snowfall will also occur in regions of low altitude in the north of the country.


On Wednesday (23/1) and Thursday (24/1) the barometric low will move quickly north-east and starting from the shores of Libya will arrive in Bulgaria on Thursday night. This weekend is expected to rain, thunderstorms and hailstorms mainly in the island and coastal areas, while snowfall will be restrained again in the northern mountains. The phenomena will be strong on the ground. The winds will blow from southerly directions, up to 8 beauforts and 9 beauforts locally, while the temperature will not show a significant change.

From Friday (25/1) to Sunday afternoon (27/1), a new low barometer, moving from Italy to Turkey, will affect the weather in Greece. Rain is expected across the country, with storms and local hailing expected in island and coastal areas.

Hionia will fall into the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of the central and northern country, and probably in low-altitude areas of Macedonia. The winds will gradually turn to the west and will weaken, initially in the Ionian Sea and then in the Aegean Sea. The temperature will drop mainly on Saturday, so it is expected to frost even in lowland areas of the northern country.

The weather is expected to improve from Sunday afternoon, when the phenomena will be limited to the southern Aegean and will weaken. However, the improvement will be temporary, as a new bad weather is expected from the beginning of next week.


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