Photos of ANDREAS KALVOS from the Corinth crossing under the Wolf moon

Yesterday evening at 21.30 departed Sami Kefalonia, the final destination the Νέο Μόλο Δραπετσώνας, in order to start its annual refurbishment.

Photo of today’s passing of Andreas Kalvos from the Isthmus of Corinth

The boat of LEVANTE FERRIES sailing in Patraikos and Corinth, today passed through the isthmus of Corinth at dawn and shortly after 10.00 anchored in Drapetsona.

During his absence from the routes, ANDREAS CALVOS will carry out maintenance and repair work.

Captain BARAKOS DIONYSIOS sent these impressive photos of Andreas Kalvos’s ship in the Isthmus of Corinth today at dawn.

Snapshot of yesterday’s crossing of the ship by the RIO-ANTIRRIU bridgesource –

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