Pictures from debris of a plane crash on Ainos in 2009 and translated official accident report

What’s left of the SR 22 debris on Ainos.
This private aircraft had started from Tel Aviv to Elba in Italy. In fact two private planes took off from Tel Aviv. They stopped at Kos but in our area because of icing conditions they were forced to land. One landed in Athens and stayed there.
The second one landed in Zaknthos but after a couple of hours they decided that it was ok to fly again and headed to Corfu to refuel.
When they found out that the conditions were still bad they decided to return to Zakynthos and crashed, the husband and wife (62 and 60 years old) hit the mountain of Ainos at 1360 meters, on 28/04/2009 at 17:00 in a steep and difficult area.
The aircraft after crawling up for a few meters was immobilized and burst into flames, the two pilots were killed.
The debris of the aircraft are slowly covered by the stones or rolling down the steep slope.
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For those interested here is a translation of the accident report completed in 2011 (not perfect but enough to get more background)
Full PDF
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