Pictures of shame, today in Melissani.

In one of the tourist attractions of Kefalonia, Melissani lake cave, images of shame and defamation have sprouted all over our island today. 

Due to lack of infrastructure, the drivers of the buses and taxis were forced to park up on the main road of Karavomilos. 
The waiting queue was up to one hundred and fifty meters. 
People of all ages, standing in the sun, without roofs, were expecting to reach the boats up to one and a half hours, as our guides told us, waiting for their customers !!!
Note, this is not the first time this has been done. And last August, we had exactly the same pictures !! 
People with baby children, elderly, people with mobility problems, walk in the heat of the noon 300 and 400 meters and wait for hours in the sun to visit the lakeside !! 
Unfortunately, the cave management logic, which only relates to receipts, has its price !! 
Only this price is paid by the visitors and, of course, our island, with the defamation done by the caves, managed by the Municipal Authority. 
We will close this report, with the phrase a foreign tourist told us when we asked him how long he was waiting.
“Shame, just that … nothing else … Shame, just that … nothing else …” 
Tasos Kavalieratos.



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